The VHS Alumni Scholarship Fund was established in the fall of 1993, the first year the alumni association was organized.  The board of directors decided that helping graduating seniors financially to further their education would be one of the prime goals of the association. 

      The alumni association has been very fortunate in gaining financial support and other services that have helped fund the scholarship program.  The association sponsored several Arts and Crafts Shows which were well received and successful.  A raffle fundraiser was very popular for several years.  Jerry Roth ’41 donated choice tickets on the fifty yard line to Denver Bronco’s games with parking privileges and a club house pass.  In 1997, three avid golfing alumni, Allen Dreiling ’55, Bernie Roth ’45, and Joe Hammerschmidt ’43 volunteered to organize a golf tournament.  It has been held every year since 1997. In 2011, the golf tournament was moved to the Fort Hays Municipal Golf Course, due to Victoria no longer having a golf course. The proceeds from the golf tournament, along with the cash raffle first held in 2011, have been a great boost in building the scholarship fund. Donations from our alums have been a tremendous aid in helping to continue this great program. 

     Scholarship applicants must have been admitted into a post secondary school which holds state accreditation.  This may be a four-year college or a two-year technical school.  Applicants must have a minimum high school GPA of 2.5.  Scholarship committee members base their selections on criteria that include extra curricular activities and involvement, work/job experiences, community or church activities, special academic or extra curricular honors and awards. 

     The VHS Alumni Association takes pride in offering the scholarship program to the qualifying graduating seniors and with continued support of alumni, the awarding of scholarships will be possible for the present and future years.


Year Amount




Brandon Schmidtberger



Troy Dinges, Christine Wellbrock



Eric Pfeifer, Jason Robben



Hollie Ptacek, Christine Robben



Clinton Herl, Christopher Kreller, Amanda Pruitt, BlaineYounger



Dustin Hansen, Shaun Karlin, Jennifer Lapka, Corey Schmidtberger



James Billinger, Rachel Carter, Jared Wagner, Beth Younger



Brent Hansen, Jeremy Geihsler, Kristi Hoffman,  Jennifer Pfeifer



Suzy Hansen, Katie Kuhn, Alexis Schmidtberger,  Meagan Schmidtberger

2003 $500 Tyson Dinges, Ashley Dreiling, Matt Sander, Ken Wagner
2004 $500 Brandon Befort, Aubrey Dreiling, Andrea Robben, Garett Windholz
2005 $500 Anna Dechant, Angie Garner, Brittney Hertel, Jake Karlin, Kayla Schmidtberger
2006 $500 Danielle Dinkel, Chelsey Dreiling, Josselyn McLaren  Chad Schmidtberger
2007 $500 Jaree Basgall, Jenna Braun, Michelle Hansen, Cody VonLintel
2008 $500 Rachel Bunner, Jaelyn McLaren, Jordan Karlin, Cade Scott
2009 $500 Brittany Goetz, Brenton Hoffman, Kasandra Huser, Jordan Ottley
2010 $500 Cara Braun, Andrew Karlin, Joslyn Lang, Lindsey McAlonan
2011 $750 Jordan Bleske, Taylor Kisner, Cody Scheck, Colin Schmidtberger
2012 $1,000 Amanda Braun, Tayla Geist, Katelyn Lang, Courtney Unrein
2013 $1,000 Lane Braun, Sarah Kuhn, Michael Lang, Ashley Wellbrock
2014 $1,000 Rylee Broyles, Audra Nowak, Samuel Ottley, Brooke Schmidt
2015 $1,000 Ryan Bleske, Maegan Karlin, Brooke Pfanenstiel, Anna Schmidtberger
2016 $1,000 Brady Dinkel , Joe Dortland, Jayden Newbold, Julia Wagner
2017 $1,000 Madisyn Gerhardt, Ashlyn Hammerschmidt, Bryant Karlin, Julia Nowak
2018 $1,000 Colin Kisner, Morgan Leiker, Hannah Radke, Aspen Schoenrock
2019 $1,000 Ally Dinkel, Wyatt Dreiling, Kali Weber, Ashlyn Windholz