The alumni board of directors established The Victoria High School Alumni Hall of Fame in the year 2002.  Each year, up to three individuals will be selected from the nominees that have been submitted by members of the association from the school personnel category and alum at large category.

We are asking for your nominations for the VHS Alumni Hall of Fame.  Many of you have responded with just a name on your reservation form.  This is not acceptable.  Your nomination must be in the form of a letter detailing your reasons for nominating this deserving individual and must be received by June 1, so we can announce the recipients in the August newsletter.  Your nominations may be mailed to VHS Alumni Association, P.O. Box 382, Victoria, KS 67671 or e-mailed to: or

We are asking you to remember several details.  Eligible nominees for the school personnel category are present and former employees of the Victoria School District since the beginning in 1922.  School Board members, superintendents, principals, teachers, secretaries, cooks and custodians at the elementary, junior high (middle school), and high school level are potential candidates. 

Beginning in 2010, the alumni association started recognizing their own alumni. To be eligible for the alum at large, the nominee must be a graduate of Victoria High School and must have made a significant contribution of their time and talent to their fellow man. You may not nominate yourself, only others can nominate you.

All valid nominations that are not selected for the Hall of Fame will be reevaluted for five subsequent years. At that point, the nomination can be withdrawn from consideration.

Contact your classmates and fellow alumni and encourage them to send letters as well.  Who is that special person that touched so many lives and is deserving of this prestigious award?

The Hall of Fame recipients will be honored at Homecoming each year.  A beautiful wooden plaque with the recipientís nameplate has been hung in the hallway of the new addition, leading towards the cafeteria.


Year Member Years at School
2002 Lawrence D. Marcotte 1954-1973
  Tony “Red” Pfeifer 1959-1992
  Gene Dreiling 1971-2013
2003 Charles R. Bahl 1941-1963
  Al Riedel 1947-1953
  Lisa Colwell 1983-1995
2004 Margaret Ryan 1953-1961 & 1967-1973
  Ray Schulte 1957-1981
  Doug Moeckel 1981-1988
2005 Pat O'Brien 1960-1993
  Jack Rheem 1950-1953
  Marcellus Leiker 1964-1976
2006 Bruno Basgall 1951-1973
  Bernard (Benny) E. Schulte 1967-1973
  Robert D. VonLintel 1967-1995
2007 Jerry Cronister 1958-1986
  Corrine Dinkel 1964-1988
  Michael Kreller 1985-2008
2008 Frank Windholz 1957-1976
  Marge Rome 1962-2001
  Bernadette (Det) Younger 1966-1974 & 1990-2003
2009 Sr. Annabel Dreiling, CSA 1944-1951
  David Ottley 1984-2018
  Wilma Pfeifer Wellbrock VonLintel 1971-1995
2010 Ivan Werner 1971-1997
  Everett Braun Class of 1960
2011 Nancy Piatt 1983-2008
  Carla Pruitt 1975-2006
  Wayne Billinger Class of 1973
2012 Ruby Roth 1969-197?
  Fr. Mike Scully 2007-2011
  Allen Dreiling Class of 1955
2013 Randy Stanley 1993-2016
  Kathalie (Kathy) Dortland Hoffman 1973-2006
  Arlene Wellbrock Pfeifer 1974-1997
2014 Willie Wilson 1961-1968
  Linda Kenne 1997-2015
  Connie Braun 1998-Present
2015 Bill Kuhn 1966-2001
  Rich Billinger Class of 1968
  Frank Dreiling Class of 1968
2016 Chris Janzen 1986-2018
  Tammi Kippes Sauer Class of 1991
  Eugene Wellbrock Class of 1956
2017 Michelle Geist 1991-
  Bob Leikam 1981-2012
  Anita Markley 1986-1998
2018 Jimmy Dee and The Fabulous Destinations
  Jim Schmidtberger Class of 1970
  Ray Schmidtberger Class of 1970
  Bill Gasper Class of 1974
  Anthony Pfeifer Class of 1974
  Tim Pfeifer Class of 1976
  Joe Dreiling Class of 1976
2019 Ferrill Standage 1982-1995
  Jerry Brungardt 1973-2008
  Steve Sander 1987-2007


Hall of Fame Photo Album