Parade Grand Marshall

Beginning in 2008, the Alumni Board of Directors began selecting a Grand Marshall for the homecoming parade. Each Grand Marshall has been a graduate of the Victoria school system. The board considers many things when selecting an individual to receive this honor. Attempts are made to select someone from a reunion year, but this cannot always be accomplished.


Grand Marshall Graduating Year
2008 Alvin Schmidtberger 1938
2009 Al Pfeifer 1934
2010 Thecla Berens Haas 1933
2011 Armella Leiker Thompson 1941
2012 Clarence Lang 1937
2013 Bob Pfeifer 1945
2014 Arthur VonFeldt 1942
2015 George Lang 1942
2016 Howard and Aquina Leiker Rajewski 1946