Homecoming 2017

Thank you to everyone who helped make Homecoming 2017 a success.

We hope to see you all again next year.


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2017 Photo Album


Homecoming Dates for 2018 have been announced:

September 14 & 15, 2018


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Hall of Fame Inductees 2017


Michelle Geist

Bob Leikam

Anita Markley


The gym floor at the Victoria High School needs to be replaced.
The School district has requested that the alumni association conduct this fundraiser.
For more information, please click on the link below.

Gym Floor Letter.pdf

To contribute towards the gym floor replacement,
mail your donation to:

Victoria Alumni Association
PO Box 382
Victoria, KS 67671


The Victoria Alumni Association is now recognized
as a public charity by the IRS.

This designation means that donations
made to the VAA may be tax deductible.
Please consult with your tax advisor to confirm
your eligiblity for this deduction.



Newsletter of Victoria Alumni

The next copy of the newsletter will be mailed in March.
Twelve pages of news regarding various VAA events.

To ensure that you receive the next edition,
please do the following:
Pay your dues of $5.00 for 2018,
and update your alumni association with your current address

All Honorary Members (50+ years since graduating) will receive The Next Page

e-mail your news to:



The Victoria Alumni Association is on Facebook and Twitter.

You can find your association at

and you can get important updates about the VAA
by following @victoriaalumni on twitter.





The VHS Alumni Association is on-line and anxious to hear from you.    Check it out!  www.victoriaalumni.com  First-class, well-done web site for your information and enjoyment.  Read about the history of your alma mater or maybe you forgot the words to the VHS fight song.  Maybe you need your class list? Now you can also check out alumni photo albums.   If you have tidbits of information for the newsletter, please mail to VHS Alumni Association, P.O. Box 382, Victoria, KS  67671 or e-mail to info@victoriaalumni.com.  We would like to add your personal information (address, phone number, email address) to your class list but can only do so with your permission.  Please email it to info@victoriaalumni.com or mail it to Victoria Alumni Association, PO Box 382, Victoria, KS 67671-0382.



To calculate your cost for a lifetime membership, locate the mailing label from your most recent copy of The Next Page. Above your name is your expiration year. Enter the year that you graduated in the first box, your expiration year in the second box and click on the Calculate button.


Your Graduating Year

Your Alumni Expiration Year (from the mailing label on your newsletter)


Your regular membership dues for years would cost $

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You can send your dues to:

Victoria Alumni Association
PO Box 382
Victoria, KS 67671


When all Victoria Knights fall in line,
We’re gonna' win this game right now.
And for the V-H-S-Ah-Yes-Ah-Yes,
And for the colors maroon and gold, I yell, I yell!
We’re going to' fight, fight, fight, for every game.
And make the other side all sore and lame,
We’re going to' roll those Eagles
off the field, off the field,


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On the plains of western Kansas,
Stands a school so bold.
That we love and always treasure,
Hail!  Maroon and Gold.
Ever true and loyal,
Cherish through and through,
VHS our Alma Mater,

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E-Mail info@victoriaalumni.com